Many people enjoy getting something in the mail, but what should be done with those various shipping container boxes once they’ve been opened?


Large sized containers. These boxes are big enough to ship some cloths, blankets, or two winter coats. For large sized shipping containers, they can be used to store holiday items such as stockings and wreaths, or cards and streamers. Large sized shipping containers can also be used for reshipping items. If there is an item that needs to be sent, save time and money by having a stash of large sized containers on hand. These boxes can also be used to help sort stuff in the home or work place. For example, when clearing out a room or closet for giveaway, mark the boxes as “trash” or “donate” and then pick them up and cart them away.

Or let the kids make something out of them, using scissors and markers and tape help them make a club house, or a fort. They can also be used when a person is moving. Moving can be a big hassle and having to buy new boxes to set up and assemble can be daunting. If there are boxes on hand that are ready to go, it can help save time and stress.

Medium sized boxes can be used for less bulky items. They can be used to store books while wiping down a book shelf. They can keep seldom used toys or games in children’s rooms. They can be used to store all those unseemly magazines. Use Medium boxes to keep DVD’s and games in order.

Small shipping containers can be used for keeping, socks or t-shirt drawers neat and tidy. When used for shipping, they are great for sending baked goods such as treats, and cookies. They make great small care packages. Put in the care package, some nice soaps, a paperback, a few candy bars and how about a few gift cards or a little bit of mad money to help cheer up a homesick college student. When the college student has the box, they can reuse it to keep their desk clear. Keep club wrist bands. They can keep book marks, or jewellery and make-up in them.