Maintaining a glass staircase

Maintaining a glass staircase

Installing a modern glass staircase in to your home can be a great focal point not only for you but also your family, friends and any other visitors.

Most staircases have carpet on the treads, cleaning the carpet should be the first step before you clean any of the railings or glass stair panels as dust may be blown on to them.

This type of staircase is is very easy to keep clean and free, it is the most user friendly when it comes to cleaning. Simply use warm water with washing up liquid to wipe the glass panels once every four weeks to keep them in the best condition.

You should also wipe the glass panels once per week with a microfibre cleaning cloth and a standard glass cleaner, using other products may scratch the glass or leave smear marks which does not look pleasant to any visitors.

Modern glass staircase

If you have a oak stair railing dust generally collects on this area and therefore it is advisable to clean it with polish and duster 1-2 times per week. When you clean the panels with soapy warm water it is also a good idea to clean the railing with this solution to remove any grease build up.

Any chrome fixings can also be cleaned with the soapy water and you should avoid using any abrasive cleaners on the glass or chrome fixings as these will scratch the surface making it rough and this will attract more dirt. For this reason you should also use a clean soft cloth for drying such as a microfibre cleaning cloth.

In this article we have covered the basics of cleaning and maintaining a glass staircase. We recommend seeking the advice from the manufacturer’s of the products you intend to use. Some products may discolour or scratch some materials and it is advisable to test any product on a small area that is hidden.